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Hi, I'm Leigh-Leigh!

It's time for you to release your frustrations and discover your path to purposeful action!

Certified Life Transitions Coach | Motivational Speaker | Intuitive Spiritual Leader | Fierce Momma Bear | CEO Leigh-Leigh Kossman Coaching


What  Clients Say

Rebecca McWatters, Tasmania

I began working with Leigh-Leigh when I was struggling with my life purpose, my career path and exploring the best ways in which I can contribute to the world. I was stuck in my life with a lot of possibilities but unsure of taking those first steps to discovery.


I have had so many “aha” moments for myself in working with Leigh-Leigh over the last year with her as my coach. The biggest and most sustaining moments are related to her enabling me to explore the metaphors I use for myself and how I see my world. She creates a safe place for my exploration and curiosity, and I never feel alone in my exploring. She provides me with her observations of myself through this process and these have helped strengthen how I see myself. I can see myself in a greater capacity and from new perspectives and love myself better with more peace, appreciation, and celebration.


In my time working with Leigh-Leigh, I have changed my relationship with myself. I see myself differently with a greater appreciation of how I operate, what I bring to the world and what is possible for me in my life.


Leigh-Leigh has helped me shift a significant personal issue that I have let hold me back from fully owning my choices. At some point I was ready and willing to explore this issue and perhaps nervous as well. I was also unsure if it was possible that I could make changes. She created a place that was safe and free of judgement, such that I could explore with honesty, and disrupt my old beliefs with integrity. I have shifted so much in my life from these sessions. I have made progress towards the outcomes I was interested in achieving, but really it was shifting the relationship to this issue that I carried within me that created the greatest change. So of course, my desired outcome has already begun arriving in my life. I am forever grateful to Leigh-Leigh for coaching me in this issue.


I now have clarity about my future possibilities. This has an enormous impact on my well-being, confidence and ability to see what is possible for me in the future. I also feel ownership over my choices in my life and ownership over my future choices.

As a result of our work together, what’s next for me in my life is growing big and full in the forest that is the metaphor for my life. It is fully claiming my worth and value. It is asking for what support I need. And it is making the shifts toward a new career and more certainty in me.


Leigh-Leigh is full of fun and love. Of light and wisdom. Coaching with her is a place of positivity, possibility and productivity. She welcomes your challenging issues with grace and excitement; and then I leave feeling so much better and ready! And she lands so many great questions that are useful to me.

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