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I am a motivational speaker and certified life coach,

empowering SPIRITUAL women

to shift frustration into

purposeful ACTION.


Send me a message or hit

Book FREE Call to schedule your

FREE 30-minute consultation! 

👐 THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! You're here for a reason -- this page and this earth! Trust your gut as to why our paths are crossing!

🙏 You're a spiritual being and you're ready to walk the path to your divine purpose.

🦋 I feel you right now, at this juncture in your life -- you're frustrated and overwhelmed. You're at a place of transition and don't know what to do next.

👉 That's where I was several years ago...more, later.

✨ It's time to release the frustration and start manifesting your destiny with purposeful action!

💖 Coaching IS about YOU! But I'd like to tell you a little bit about my journey, so you can know why I'm able to help you:

Face thru flowers, retouched IMG_4223.jpg

⚕️Medically speaking, I'm a miracle and should've died four times. I vividly remember

the last three.

🙏 That kind of survival really made me feel there's a special reason I was spared. The phrase, "For such a time as this," radiates through my soul often; I'm so excited and grateful to be a life coach in the here and now!

~It's my deepest hope to help you realize the reason you were created, "for such a time as this."

💗 I value, love, and am passionate about my spirituality, faith, and people. I am big on compassion, care of, and responsibility to self and others.

🌱 I believe growth is facilitated from a platform of positivity, laughter, and having and creating fun!

👱‍♀️ Through the years, I've been in coaching roles a lot: I'm a singer and a private voice teacher; a former youth leader; and former substitute teacher. My husband and I have three grown daughters.

🤟 I love people and I love deeply.

💓 Now, on to why YOU and I are here together...

...After a ton of prayer and a not-so-patient time of waiting (answers, I wanted answers!), I figured out where God was calling me: "You need to be a life coach!" So, I did masters work in positive psychology; enrolled in a training program; received certification; and now, here I am with YOU!

Don't waste another minute of your life!

Learn how to manifest your destiny -- let's hop on a FREE 30-minute Consultation Call and get you going!

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