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Oh, my goodness! What to name it? WHAT TO NAME IT?!!! When I was trying to think of a name for my coaching business, my husband (who never swears) said, “I think you should call it, ‘Get Your Shit Together!’ That’s really what coaching is about, right?” He had a point. The response from friends and family was overwhelmingly in favor of it. Even my 87-year-old (quite mannerly) mom and 91-year-old dad thought it was great. I said, “But, do you think anyone will be offended?” Mom said, “Well, you wouldn’t want to work with those people, anyway.” I couldn’t believe she said it! She’s a really nice lady. My dad said, “I think it’s great. It certainly gets your attention!” My chiropractor’s office (shout out to Dr. Nate and Genesis Integrative Medicine, Batavia, IL, is going to promote me as a service offered. I suggested to him that I could always abbreviate with “GYST Coaching,” if he thought it wasn’t professional with Shit in the title, LOL. He, too (a professional business owner) said he liked it, but that GYST would be fine, as well.


So, on I proceeded…I bought a web domain ( and hired someone to help me finish the logo I’d designed. Then, needle across the record grooves, rrrrrrtt!! My folks said, “Have you gone ahead with the name? We don’t like it, now that we’ve seen it in print. It’s not you.” Whaaaa??? UGH!! So, I contacted the guy helping with my logo and had him change it to S***. That took care of that. Web domain didn’t have “the word” in it. Check. But back and forth, I continued to contemplate. I made a FaceBook business page, but it wouldn’t let me use *asterisks* in the name, so I had to use __underscores__. I figured, people would still get the point without the actual word. Enter in my 20-year-old twin daughters. They said I should use the actual word, especially since I have asterisks in one place, an abbreviation in another, and underscores in yet another. Oh, goodness! FaceBook actually approved the change, and my business page now reads, “Get Your Shit Together Coaching.” But after I’d made the revision, I got to thinking, “When I invite my FaceBook friends to LIKE my page, my church friends and my pastor will see it…what will they think?” I’m not a crude person and don’t want to come off that way; but rather, light-hearted and playful. I hope the title has gotten your attention and not offended you. So, for the time being, know I’m smiling and kidding a little as I say to you, “C’mon! Get your shit together!”

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