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Blasted Boredom!

I think I could be "sheltering in place" for quite a while and never run out of things to do, LOL! First of all, I'm catching up on my never-ending To Do list. But if you think you'll be bored soon, here are 10 ideas to help you fill a little time: 1. Google "Pretty Color Palettes" and play around with the clothes in your closet, making new outfits -- cuz who has time in the real world to do that?! 2. Work on those baby books you never completed (my poor kids!) 3. Work on those scrapbooks you never completed (Oi!) 4. Think of someone totally random from your past (an old neighbor, a friend from kindergarten) and look 'em up! Make sure you reach out after you find them ; ) 5. Write a letter -- yep, a good, old-fashioned, hand-written letter -- to someone you care about. 6. Start a list of all the things with technology that puzzle you and tackle them, one by one. (Well, I'll be 100 before I reach the end of my list!) 7. Pick one subject you'd like to know more about and start a research file (i.e., a certain person, the history of something, how something is made, etc.) 8. Pick a tidbit of info you're curious about and find your answer (i.e., Why do birds sing at dawn and in the evening? Why...idk...ask a four-year-old, they'll give you some ideas, LOL!) 9. Start that Gratitude List you've always been meaning to start: try three things a day, with no repeats, until the shelter in place or similar restrictions are lifted 10. Reach out to as many people as you can think of until someone takes you up on an offer to help. If no one does, then "gift' someone with an unexpected favor : ) Now your turn, what do you suggest?! Please comment below, THANKS! And HUGS! 🙏😘

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